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 Instructors Bio.

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PostSubject: Instructors Bio.   Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:24 pm

Joe Miller was born in New York City in 1949 at Harlem Hospital. Soke Miller's birth name is Jose Miller, a native New YorRican. Soke Miller's family was born in Ponce in the town of Clusell, Puerto Rico. Soke Miller started studying the Martial Arts discipline of karate at age 6, judo at age 9, and Jyu-Jitsu at age 11 with Soke Michael DePasquale, Sr. Soke Miller received his first black belt at age 18 in the Yoshitsune Jyu Jitsu system from Shihan Michael DePasquale Sr. Now known as Soke Mike. Soke Miller thanks Soke Mike for all Soke Mike did for him. Soke Mike recommended Soke Miller to test for Shihan under Soke Yoshiji Okuyama, founder of the Hakkoryu Jyu-Jitsu System of Japan. Soke Miller first met Soke Mike DePasquale Sr. in the year 1963, when he traveled to Closter, New Jersey, where his dojo was based. Soke Miller felt he was on top of the world because he was coming to see the Shihan. In those days the rank of Shihan (7th degree master) was not much heard of. Soke Miller knew when he first came on the mat that he was in trouble, but he knew he was going to master the system, because the Master himself was there to instruct the students.

"I love You Soke Mike, thanks for your confidence in me, I shall always pass on your teachings. I have been with you 43 years, God keep blessing you and the family."

Soke Miller enrolled in the U.S. Air Force and served 20 years and 6 months of service to his country. 18 of those years were spent in Japan with Master Yoshiji Okuyama and family. Continuing in the Martial Arts, Soke Miller achieved the rank of Shihan (seventh degree) by the age of 25 from the Grand Master Yoshiji Okuyama himself in June of 1974. By the time Soke Miller turned 38, he had achieved the highest rank one can obtain in the Hakkoryu Jyu-Jitsu System of Japan: 9th Degree Menkyo Kaiden San Dai Kichu Shihan. His Grand Master Toshio Okuyama, the Nidai Soke of Hakkoryu Hombu, promoted Soke Miller. Soke Miller also attained the Koho Shiatsu License from the Hakkoryu Hombu from his teacher Toshio Okuyama, now his Grandmaster. Soke Miller became a Shiatsu master in his own right, and, with his teacher's permission, developed his own system of Shiatsu called TaizanRyu Shiatsu - The Peaceful System of Martial Arts Therapy, copyrighted July of 1990. TaizanRyu is the name Soke Toshio Okuyama gave to Menkyo Kaiden Shihan Joe Miller. This is his dojo (school) name.

From 1985 to 1988 the United States Air Force asked Soke Miller to administer his Shiatsu to many personnel at the Yokota Air Force Base hospital for injuries attained by military individuals during work and sports events. The dental office at Yokota Air Base also had Soke Miller lecture; Soke Miller taught several dental doctors the application of head and shoulder Shiatsu for TMJ patients. Also while stationed at Yokota Air Force Base Japan, the Security Police asked Soke Miller to put together a training program of hand to hand apprehension for the Air Force Police. He did just that, and copyrighted that as well. The Security Police at Yokota Air Base used his program, called TaizanRyu Taiho Jitsu, from 1986 to 1989.

Soke Miller studied the following Martial Arts disciplines in Japan:

* Hakkoryu Jyu-Jitsu
* Koho Shiatsu
* Shodankan Karate
* WadoRyu Karate
* Goju Ryu Karate
* Judo
* Kendo
* Iaido
* Ken-Jitsu
* AikiJitsu / Aikido
* Jo-Jitsu
* ChuNokoHihoJitsu
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Instructors Bio.
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