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 Instructors Bio.

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PostSubject: Instructors Bio.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:04 pm

Sensei Brian Copperthite got his start in martial arts at an early age around 5 years old he started his studies under soke Joe Miller at Yokota Air base, Japan. He has since studied many styles of martial arts But his true calLing is in the style of Taizan Ryu
Sensei Brian Copperthtie is now 28 years old and is going to college full time to gain a bachelor's degree in computer forensics with one day hoping to gain a postion in goverment services as a computer forensic specialist.He currently is a paid-on-call Firefighter for the Benton Il fire department in benton Illinois. while running his own computer repair business.
Sensei Brian has begun the process of opening his dojo in southern Illinois, After a long search for his sensei, Soke Miller. He has decided to teach under the name of soke miller to honor his teacher.
At the present time Sensei Brian is in the process of redesigning soke Miller's web site and this forum for all the students of Taizan ryu to be able to contact one another and exchange ideas and the experiences in Taizan Ryu System of martial arts.
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Instructors Bio.
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