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This site is for the Students TaizanRyu Taiho Jitsu
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 Must Read rules of this forum !!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Must Read rules of this forum !!!!!!!!!!!   Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:59 pm

Here are some simple guidelines for this forum

1. No Fowl or Abusive language
2. No material of sexual or pornographic nature
3. Always address other members by the proper title
4. No hijacking other post
5. Give credit where credit is due
6. Always respect others opinions
7. Post questions and comments in their respective forums Admin and moderators have the right to move a topic that is incorrectly place and place it in the correct forum ( no penalties for this unless it becomes a repeating occurance)

There will be Zero Tolerance for breach of any of these rules penalties will be as follows

1st offense......................you account will be suspended for 1 week

2nd offense.....................your account will be suspended for one month

3rd offense..................... you will no longer have an account
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Must Read rules of this forum !!!!!!!!!!!
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