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 Online Shiatsu Program

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PostSubject: Online Shiatsu Program   Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:44 am

-----------Come one come all ---------

Interested in the ancient art of Shiatsu

Come Learn it online from the teacher himself Soke Joe Miller

Come to http://WWW.TAIZANRYU.COM

become a member of the TaizanRyu federation get you login name and password and start learning this wonderful art of healing

help youir friends and family members from those everyday aches and pains, help friends and family release the stress and tension from their bodies

most of all allow the bodies energy to flow freely to aid the body in healing itself.

Imagine coming home after a hard workout at the dojo or gym sore and tired walking in and your spouse asking to give you a shiatsu treatment and feeling refreshed

email required for contacting Soke miller for questions and testing

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Online Shiatsu Program
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