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 Billy Ristuccia, long time personal student of Mike Depasquale Sr.

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PostSubject: Billy Ristuccia, long time personal student of Mike Depasquale Sr.   Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:15 am


I wanted to say hello to everyone here and introduce myself. I am a long time personal student of Mike Depasquale Sr. I began learning from him in 1976 and have never stopped. Mr D. is very dear to me and my life, so I was very happy to find this forum.

While studying under the wing of my teacher he shared a number of other Jujutsu schools with me such as: Sekiguchi Ryu, Kito Ryu, Jigen Ryu, Sosuishitsu Ryu, Hepi Ryu Bojutsu, Nihon Goshindo Kenpo, and of course the Yoshitsune Waza system.

From 1988 onwards, I have been traveling back and forth to Japan to train with Dr. Massaki Hatsumi, head of the Bujinkan Dojo as well as with my teachers of Anma (Japanese Massage) and Seitai Ho (Body Correcting Method), to learn old forms of Japanese bodywork medicine which are at the root of Shiatsu.

I maintain a dojo located in Scottsdale Arizona where I teach Bujinkan martial arts, Japanese Anma Therapy, and the full range of private curriculum of Mike Depasquale Sr.

I hope in some small way I am able to make a positive contribution to this forum.

Please know that any and all students of Soke Miller are welcome in my dojo and you all have a Buyu (Martial Art's Friend) here in Arizona!

Bufu Ikkan!
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PostSubject: welcome   Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:00 pm

Welcome to the TaizanRyu Forum feel free to look around and ask question please be sure to read the rules of the forum and check the calendar freq to stay up to date of all the upcoming events in the world of TaizanRyu again welcome to the forum and glad to have you here as a member
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Billy Ristuccia, long time personal student of Mike Depasquale Sr.
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